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Leila Javadi Shalkuhi: Director, cameraman, photographer, and Editor (Multimedia producer)

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Some Words About Me

Leila Javadi Shalkuhi: Director, cameraman, photographer, and Editor (Multimedia producer).


Creative Engineer,
Innovative Director ,Content Producer

Born in 1989. I started to work after I graduated from university. First, I started with translation and produced written content, then I began taking pictures, filming, and editing. I am a director at the moment. I consider myself a creative engineer! being creative is how you engineer your creativity. A practical idea is the result of creative ideas, carefully placed within every project scope like editing. I consider all potentials and embrace them, especially in arts and new Ideas. I look forward to the knowledge and I love to use them effectively. In my projects, I see the possibilities, evaluate them, and work on what’s practical. I believe in the highest standards of professional conduct. I communicate openly and honestly to make sure all promises are kept and it’s in a responsive, reliable, and efficient manner. I believe in discipline because I think it shows our respect for people and their time and our capability to keep our promises. It’s one of the most essential keys to success.
Finished projects
Working months
Multimedia produced


BA in English literature - Guilan University


Skills & Languages

I can work with:

- All cameras and lightening materials
- final cut pro x

- Final Cut Pro X and related software
- Photoshop and related software
- Microsoft Office and related software





Work Experience

My work experience is listed here. Click the plus button to see the details of the tasks.

World Health Organization – Jun 8, 2020 — Now

Director, cameraman, photographer, and Editor (Multimedia producer)


Collaborating with the WHO country office in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Producing more than 300 video shooting, photo galleries, and video clips.

ICERP 1 and 2 project:
“Iran Covid-19 Emergency Response Project” a 50 million$ Project and ICERP(2) a 92 million$ project which the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health and Medical Education of Iran in partnership with the World Bank, have delivered life-saving medical and diagnostic equipment to public hospitals and laboratories across the country to support the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. It includes more than 40 video clips and photo gallery, and 1 documentary movie in 3 parts. ICERP (2) is still ongoing.
Healthy city program documentary movie:
The healthy city program in Sahand started in 2015 with the vision to create “a safe and healthy community for the happy livelihood of every person”. Sahand has already received certification from International Safe Communities in 2019 and integrated the initiative into the healthy city program context. I produced one documentary movie in 2 parts for this project.
Childhood cancer documentary movie:
Joint WHO and The European Union project (a nearly US$ 2 million project) makes available life-saving medicines to children with cancer across Iran. The project will contribute to enhancing high-quality cancer care delivery to children by providing vital hard-to-find medications at a time of urgent need. I produced one documentary video in 3 parts for this project.
‘Wear a Mask’ campaign for WHO:
It was a campaign to encourage people to wear a mask during the Covid-19 pandemic. It includes 4 promotional video teasers.
WHO donations :
Such as laboratory equipment (kits and machines), hospital equipment ( CT Scanners, ventilators, etc.) delivery of Covid-19 vaccines (COVAX), etc. Many of them were in collaboration with other countries donations like Japan, England, Korea, Germany, etc., and also other UN such as UNICEF, UNHCR, etc. (it includes more than 100 Video shooting, short video clips, and photo galleries.)
Promotional teasers for special days in the calendar:
Such as the Commemoration of World Car Free Day, Each Home as a Health Post, Women’s Health Week, World Hand Hygiene Day, International Nurses Day, etc.
There are so many other videos that are not necessary to mention such as All WHO meetings including UN meetings and meetings with the ministry of health and medical education of Iran, WHO representative interviews and messages and subtitling lots of educational videos for improving people’s health such as all package of WHO “Science in 5” (educational video) series, etc.

A4House – From 2015

Director, cameraman, photographer, and Editor (Multimedia producer)


While I was working as a freelancer, my friend and I decided to build a creative content agency for our multimedia product. So we registered a company named A4house. So as a co-founder of A4house creative media and ADV. I started to do projects sometimes by building up a team and sometimes individually by myself.
Our goals were to help brands and organizations to grow and develop by creating and producing advertising content in a creative and special way.
Also, team building and forming a professional and creative ecosystem in the field of visual content production was our another main goals.

1. Delta4wd Video and photography Projects:
Delta4wd is a tourism agency known for adventure journeys. All the pack such as logistics and equipment, etc. are on our own. Please check @Delta4wd.ir Instagram page / The videos will be sent to you upon request.
2. Jestor:
Jestor is an online art basic platform. Producing all of their content production for their sites and social media. It Is available at www.jestor.ir (The videos/photos will be sent to you upon request).
3. Ramtin Brand, Jookhe Brand, 72 Clothes Design, Aliens fit, Setayesh Brand, Izhmotique Brand:
Their basic work is known as fashion designers. Producing more than 20 professional video clips and also more than 1200 artistic fashion photos. (The videos/photos will be sent to you upon request).
4. Mojo Lunge, food, and restaurant industry. Lido Lunge, food, and restaurant industry. Da Lunge, food, and restaurant industry:
Producing more than 10 professional video clips and more than 800 professional photos in this field. Other projects such as Instagram influencer’s content ideas and shooting. All projects are available at A4house official website and S.M profiles. (The videos/photos will be sent to you upon request).
5. Glass Art Sculpture known as G.A.S:
G.A.S is a luxury lighting company. Producing 10 professional cinematic video clips with 400 professional artistic and industrial photography which you can see it on their Instagram account @glass.art.sculpture (The videos/photos will be sent to you upon request).
6. Iran Safari Association:
It’s the first and only Iran Safari Tour Guides and Managers Association. Producing all of their content production for their sites and social media. (The videos/photos will be sent to you upon request)
7. SVI :
Sanaye Varaq Iran is one of the leading manufacturers of Geomembrane Lining in Iran and the Middle East since 1985. Producing one documentary video clip and one Promotional teaser with 30 professional industrial photos for this company. (The videos/photos will be sent to you upon request)
8. FUJIFILM Healthcare:
FUJIFILM Healthcare develops and supplies high-quality medical imaging equipment. Producing professional educational video clips in 30 parts, one advertisement video for this company and one video clip for their workshops. Please check http://www.pion- parto.com (The videos/photos will be sent to you upon request)
9. MammutWorld:
Manufacturer of all kinds of trailers, isolated rooms, sandwich panels, and condos in Iran. Producing one professional teaser video clip and 10 professional industrial photos for the company. Please check www.mammutworld.com. (The videos/photos will be sent to you upon request)
10. Khodro45:
Khodro45 is a company active in the field of immediate sale of used cars in the shortest possible time. Producing professional teaser videos with 40 industrial photos. Please check www.khodro45.com. (The videos/photos will be sent to you upon request)
11. Milu Chocolate company:
One of the best homemade chocolate companies in Iran. Producing 2 professional video clips and 10 professional
industrial photos for this company. (The videos/photos will be sent to you upon request)
12. Cartier jewelry:
Producing one professional cinematic advertisement video clip for the Cartier jewelry company. (The videos/photos will be sent to you upon request)
13. Gulfam Safar travel and tourism services company:
Producing 4 professional advertisement video clips. Please check www.golfamsafar.com (The videos/photos will be sent to you upon request)
14. Agnis company:
Agnis can be considered one of the first manufacturers of anti-theft doors in Iran. producing two professional advertisement video clip with 100 professional industrial photos for Agnis. Please check www.agnisdoor.com (The videos/photos will be sent to you upon request)
15. Rubika Aplication:
Rubika is a Super-App in Iran that can provide multiple services that embrace many aspects of personal and commercial life. This Super-App was published in 2017 for the first time and currently provides multiple services. Producing 14 Videoclip about how to use this app which I was director, cameraman, and editor. It is also producing 3 TVC video teasers about world cup 2022 and 4 UFC short video clips. The videos will be sent to you upon request.
16. Hamrah/e/Aval (First operator in Iran):
Mobile Communications Company of Iran (MCI), known under its brand name “Hamrahe Aval” is the first
mobile operator in Iran With more than 75 million active subscriptions. I Produced 2 UFC short video clips.
The videos will be sent to you upon request.
17. Four documentary Videos:
After producing three documentary videos ( I’ve mentioned before in the WHO section), later I produced my fourth documentary video about Afghan women rights and Afghanistan current situation after and before Taliban arrival.
18. Short films and personal video clips:
I produced 2 short films and lots of motivational, influential, and emotional short video clips that will be sent to you upon request.
19. The first short social media movie series named “Shelem”:
Producing one short movie series with the team actor of ten social media well-known influencers. The platform was on Instagram, Aparat, and YouTube, it hits over one million views. (The videos/photos will be sent to you upon request).
20. 15 short video clips
Producing more than 15 short video clips for well-known social media actors and influencers on Instagram that most of them hit even more than 2 million views, you can find it in their Instagram social media @armineshoon @hasanamiriiiii @hamid.agha.mashti @pooorblack @Mary_hm, etc. (The videos/photos will be sent to you upon request.

Nikookaran Sharif Charity organization– From 2021

Director, Cameraman, Editor


Producing 3 videoclips for Nikoojaran Sharif Charity organization (documentary based) about women’s empowerment. I still collaborate with them and try to do my best in the field of women’s empowerment in the country. Please check @nikoosho Instagram page and www.sharifngo.com

Fanava– August 2016 — October 2018

Content producer


Fanava is a tech company that has different branches. I work as a content producer for their game website. I did
translation and produce picture contents.
Its all available in their official website. https://www.fanava.com



recommendations and certificates



  • Prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA) – Multilanguage (2021) – Provider: World Health
  • Cybersecurity Essentials and Preventing Phishing (Multilingual) (27 mins) v3.0 Provider: World Health
  • Bsafe Certificate Provider: World Health Organization. Provider: World Health Organization
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